Tina Carew

Tina Carew came into the education sector in 2008 after working in the dairy farming industry for six years and prior to that, being on the corporate ladder as a Marketing Manager for a telecommunications company. She gained her Bachelor of Teaching degree in New Zealand and during her teaching career in New Zealand, she was head of middle school, Gifted and Talented Coordinator for eight schools and worked with a team to develop Maori studies for the current New Zealand curriculum.
Tina began her international teaching journey in 2011, where she worked at the New Cairo British International School for three years as the K2 leader and Literacy coordinator. Then joined UNIS in 2014 as a grade five teacher. During this time she has embarked on a number of professional development achievements in cognitive and instructional coaching and was part of the first cohort to invest in Structured Word Inquiry, which now is part of the UNIS literacy curriculum.
Tina was the G5 team leader for a period and now focuses her extracurricular time on coaching different sporting codes, preparing students for competitive sports in middle school. Tina has had the privilege of being at UNIS long enough to support students across grade levels, as they develop their interest and passions connected to PYPx. She enjoys the cultural diversity international teaching has to offer, as well as being involved in a myriad of opportunities to investigate and educate others, on global issues.

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