Sara Shadravan

Sara is known for her enthusiasm and her love of learning. She has a background in Montessori education and has worked for the past 25 years, as a teacher, curriculum developer and educational leader to transform school communities. She has worked extensively in South East Asia, the Middle East and Southern Africa, opening International schools that foster independence and open-minded inquiry.  Sara advocates for a holistic approach to education in which parents, teachers and students are equal stakeholders in the learning process. She has led parent-teacher associations, hosted community events and run extracurricular learning experiences for students and parents. Sara returned to the USA two years ago and is delighted to leverage her extensive expertise to assist youth, educators and parents to identify their personal qualities and passions. She holds multiple teaching credentials and is a certified coach from the Institute for Social & Emotional Intelligence. She has three grown daughters and two grandchildren. ” I feel like my life and career has prepared me for this very crisis. I am an expert at creating curriculum and learning experiences that will keep children engaged, fuel their curiosity and keep their anxiety and worry at bay. I worked in Swaziland during the end of apartheid and school closures and strikes, in Cambodia during political unrest and floods, Abu Dhabi when the school building wasn’t complete and we created makeshift classrooms in houses, in China during school closures from smog and other communicable diseases and I worked in Thailand during 911/ SARS , the Bird Flu and the Tsunami – I am collaborative by nature and believe we are all learning about best practices for distant learning and I believe that we have gathered some very useful information in the lat two months.

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