Robert Steele

Robert Steele is a teacher, trainer and group process facilitator who values collaboration, partnerships and working on a team-based strengths model. He enjoys working with inspiring and passionate people, especially educators and youth. Since 2004, Robert’s passion and focus have been systems thinking and helping people learn to use Systems Thinking tools and approaches in education (classrooms and school management) and in the corporate world. Robert is an “expert generalist” with deep knowledge in the fields of education, environmental management, energy efficiency, organisational change and leadership, CSR, sustainability and sustainable development, green economy, social enterprise development, indicator development and systems thinking. Drawing on his skill in systems thinking and bringing together many disciplines, he has developed a highly effective consulting and capacity building practice for those who seek successful change strategies with tangible results. Robert is the founder and director of Systainability Asia, a regional consulting and training firm working with UN agencies, national governments, NGOs, universities and schools, and private sector companies throughout the East Asia region. He is also a Senior Associate of AtKisson Group, Faculty of ISIS Academy, and team leader for Compass Education since its inception in 2009.

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