Piotr Olczak

Piotr Olczak has been working in Planning, Analytics and Business Intelligence for over 15 years in both higher education and K-12 Schools. Prior to joining Consilience as Director of Learning Analytics, Piotr had been working for over four years for The KAUST School in Saudi Arabia as their Data Analytics & Technology Lead. He has a masters degree in Econometrics with a specialisation in Operational Research and Optimisation. Piotr has extensive knowledge of deploying Information and Analytics services, designing and implementing BI Dashboards and engines, and leveraging visualisation tools. He is committed to developing cutting edge data analytics services for Education utilising business intelligence solutions while applying wide knowledge of operations & strategic analysis methods and practice. Piotr sees data and information as powerful enablers that can bring strategic insight and improve practices and processes. He focuses on championing a culture of evidence-based decision making to improve learners’ outcomes. Piotr is an experienced leader, mentor and manager, always seeking to engage stakeholders at all levels.

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