Child Safeguarding Best Practices for Distance Learning

2020 has seen a sudden and dramatic increase in the use of online tools and platforms in teaching under-18s. Many institutions, forced to act in a hurry, broke new and unfamiliar ground. But was due diligence done on the efficacy of these tools, especially in terms of safeguarding? Educational institutions have a duty of care towards the children in their charge, and no professional educator would consciously place a child in jeopardy. Yet what affordances ensure the online safety of children? In the rush to get online, under a fierce media spotlight, were corners cut? How can we effectively manage children through changes in their learning experience? What platform functionalities should we look for? What workarounds or solutions can we use when we discover an issue in online safety? This talk will attempt to answer some of these questions, using examples from a variety of platforms and recent first-hand experience of project implementation.

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Workshop Session 1
Location: Date: April 25, 2020 Time: 9:35 AM - 10:05 AM Language: Martin Goosey