Thank you for attending the Vietnam Tech Conference Virtual. Session recordings will be made available within the next several days on the same password protected link attendees received for the conference live sessions.


07:00 – 07:15  WELCOME MESSAGE  
07:15 – 07:45 Using Seesaw & Google Sites for Distance Learning Feedback & Resources

Brycen Davis

Công cụ hỗ trợ việc dạy và học trực tuyến

Nhàn Nguyễn

Using Edpuzzle for formative assessment

Russell Fleming



Round Table Discussion: Strategies for Reengaging Disengaged Students

Glenda Baker


Hỗ trợ học sinh tiểu học ôn luyện kỹ năng Cộng, Trừ, Nhân, Chia, qua các trò chơi sử dụng Bộ Tú Lơ Khơ

Đặng Thanh Hoa


07:50 – 08:20 Creating Distance Learning Content and  Communications through Impactful Multimedia 

Neal Clark


Morning Meetings – Interactive Ways to Stay In-Touch with Students 

Tina Carew


Privacy and Data Protection in the Era of COVID-19

Alan Preis

Early Childhood Virtual Learning Through Parent Partnership and Personalized Programming

Sara Shadravan

When Online: What to assess. What not to assess. How to decide.

Paul Henderson

08:25 – 08:55 Indelible Data? /Data Privacy in Schools and What It  Means for You

Jenny-Lee Moore

Tech Infrastructure and Support for Distance Learning

Adam Archer


Thiết kế các hoạt động học từ xa cho trẻ 5-10 tuổi

Nguyễn Nga Mi & Ninh Vũ 

Synchronous Learning=Student Voice

Beth Terry

Hooking Your Students in Each Day

Julia Hatch

09:00 – 09:30 Connection through Feedback

Kimberly Yash

Quản lý việc dạy và học thông qua công cụ Google Classroom

Thảo Nguyễn


Trần Bảo Ngọc


Collaboration during Distance Learning in Primary Years Programmes

Joshua Smith 

Creating Opportunities for Playful Engagement While Steeped in Distant Learning

Nitasha Crishna

09:35 – 10:05 Child Safeguarding Best Practices for Distance Learning

Martin Goosey

Một Số Cách Tạo Tương Tác Với Học Trò Khi Dạy Trực Tuyến

Đinh Thị Lê 

Reducing the Distance in Distance Learning

Zach Groshell 

Lớp khoa học ảo dành cho giáo viên mẫu giáo Việt Nam

Lê Thị Nhung 

Using Youtube Live to Create Engaging Lessons

Evo Hannan

10:10 – 10:40 Formative Assessment with Online Tools

Thomas Galvez

Làm thế nào để thu hút học sinh với việc học từ xa

Dung Trần

Yoga, Movement and Play

Alejandra Cruz-Milano

Using Desmos to Support Distance Teaching for Mathematics.

James Shaw


Reimagining Time

Mary Powell 

10:45 – 11:15 Writing and Communicating Lesson Plans

Laura Kaufman

History in the Future: Using Technology to Teach Historical Thinking

Amber Colvin 

Flipgrid: Documentation in the Time of Remote Learning 

Hokulea Cabrera


Virtual Tools for Systems Thinking

Kate Doré

Less is more!

Valdir Chargas 

11:20 – 11:50 Discussion in an Online Learning Environment

Jon Gomez

Assessment – How to Leverage the Tech Tools

Donna Frose

Creating Digital Resources That Can Stand The Test of Time

Amy French/Liam Mccormick

Seesaw and Zoom for Reading, Writing and Phonics Workshop

Jamie Nelsen


Nearpod: Delivering Content and Checking for Understanding

Patrick King 

11:55 – 12:25 Being Bold and Keeping It Light: Teaching With Tech  When You Aren’t a Tech Expert

Sophie Dolman

Một tuần dạy học từ xa ở khối mẫu giáo

Trần Thị Thu


Innovative Distance Learning Practices

Cecil Mack 

Sáng tạo trò chơi toán học đơn giản từ thẻ bài

Hoa Hồng Nhung, Nguyễn Thuý Hằng

Invaluable insights through exploring student data using a Data Explorer

Piotr Olczak

12:30 – 13:00 Expanding Educational Opportunities with Accredited Virtual School Courses

Derek Devine

Kể chuyện cho học sinh mẫu giáo

Hiền Nguyễn


How to support our vulnerable learners

Sarah Larrington

Social Learning & Community

David Collette 

Simplifying and clarifying assessment and reporting expectations during distance learning

Daniel Cooper & Scott Schaffner