Propose A Workshop


We can only build a programme for everyone with your help!

  • Do you have great ideas for Distance Learning you can share to help your colleagues?
  • Would you like to facilitate a discussion around a topic that would help you and others?
  • Can you contribute your skills and experience at this time of need?

The success of this event will rely on educators offering sessions and discussions.

All workshops and online discussions will be volunteered and facilitated by our global community of educators and there will be no charge to attend any of the sessions which will be available open-source to all.

Teaching virtually and creating meaningful programmes is a challenge that we are all rising to and for most of us learning new skills and re-thinking how to engage our students. Let’s learn together!

Share your successes and consider offering a short workshop or online discussion (30 minutes) about something you have tried and found to be successful or even transformative!

You can even choose your time slot most convenient for your global timezone! Or offer it twice so more people can access your experience!


UNIS Hanoi will host the conference on a virtual platform and presenters will be given full orientation before ‘going live’. For now, just fill out the form and let us know what you can bring to the event to help others.

#learningtogether #vtcvirtual




  1. This event will not be a commercial platform for software providers to promote sales
  2. All sessions will be pre-approved and moderated by UNIS Hanoi and SSIS team members to ensure the highest possible professional standards.