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We are in the process of confirming the programme for our one-day of inspiration, collaboration and exploration around embedding SDGs in curriculum.

We are delighted by the number of excellent contributors and sessions that we are assembling – and there is always room for one more!

PLEASE SEND US YOUR PROPOSAL if you would like to participate in this workshop which might literally change the world!

Our Programme so far!

KEYNOTE: Award winning film-maker and journalist Craig Leeson.

The Netflix film – A Plastic Ocean – has been a global sensation, highlighting both the plight of our planet’s oceans and the hope that exists if we work together for our future.

And it was a group of UNIS Hanoi Grade 5 students who made it possible for the world’s third largest ocean polluters to hear the message in their own language!

Vietnam ranks in the top 5 worst contributors to plastic ocean pollution. So our PYP Exhibition Students undertook a project to create subtitles in Vietnamese which are now embedded into the international distribution of the film!

Our students are literally changing the world!

Lets find out how we can help them by working together.

Also on the programme:

The programme will combine presentations from teachers, partner organisations and students in both English language and Vietnamese language sessions.

A detailed programme will be available in the next weeks and we look foward to welcoming you in February.

Celebrate a special Valentine’s Day – Love Your World!