Stu Lowe

Keynote Title: Unleashing a Culture of Creativity
Making Makers and Innovators

Description :

What happens when we create the conditions in school to be able to say ‘yes’ to everything our students want to explore and create? Through invention, inquiry and student-driven making, students can (and will) amaze you with the things they create and the learning from their journey.


Creating the conditions for true Maker Centred Learning needs the traditional classroom model to be turned on it’s head so that we are supporting our students and allowing them to truly explore their creativity. We will dive into these conditions and how schools leading with Maker Centred Learning are going beyond just makerspaces and projects to bring about a change of culture that values innovation and the ability to shape the world around us.


An educator and leader working for more than a decade in the area of educational technology. Stu is passionate about student driven learning through curiosity and invention. He has worked with K-12 classrooms at every year level and worked as an Edtech Advisor across a foundation of 22 schools in Hong Kong.

Stu’s current role is as head of Edtech and an innovation coach and trainer. He has pioneered Maker Centred Learning approaches in schools and has become a world leader in the use of micro:bit with primary age students. He regularly facilitates PD for schools and at conferences, including whole staff workshops and keynotes.